Twelve AMPM is a classic British label with a fun twist on it. As is evident from the name, the label offers a complete wardrobe solution that can make you transition seamlessly from boardroom hustle to an evening huddle. Effortless, Elegant and understated – Twelve fuses European craftsmanship, attention to detail and luxurious fabrics with a typical British sense of quirk forging a combination like no other.

# refresh

Catering to the discerning global fashionista, Twelve alleviates its wearer of the eternal quest of refreshing the wardrobe. With as many as Twelve capsule collections in a year, there is always something new for one to indulge in and never a dull moment in the store. Each design comes with an expiry date and barring the ubiquitous classics, the designs do not make a come-back. Its more than a reason to fire your impulses ( all Twelve of them ) and indulge !

International fashion for the global Indian

TWELVE AM:PM brings International fashion and ultra hip styling to Indian shores in this eclectic package of quirky fashion. The label is uber-chic, spunky and extremely fashionable whilst being elegant and overtly contemporary in its aesthetic. Completely in-sync with International trend forecasts, Twelve is at the forefront of cutting edge fashion, often seen on international ramps but delivers the same at prices that are unparalleled..

Twelve helps you transition seamlessly from Boardroom Hustle to Evening Huddle.

# India re-discovered

Developed by a global creative team, the label for its India launch collaborates with design visionaries Ankur and Priyanka Modi who are known for their understated aesthetic and strong rooted passion for everything Indian. The special edition collections meant for the Indian market come with a liberal dosage of Indian seasoning in an otherwise cutting-edge western fashion offering.

The whole hog

Twelve AMPM is a comprehensive wardrobe solution for the wearer replete with an offering of accessories such as sunglasses, handbags and wallets,belts, jewelry and footwear besides its mainstay, apparel.



For some twelve is just a number - others, are just fashionable !

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