TWELVE AM:PM is a classic British label with a fun twist on it. As is evident from the name, the label offers a complete wardrobe solution that can make you transition seamlessly from boardroom hustle to an evening huddle. Effortless, Elegant and understated – Twelve fuses European craftsmanship, attention to detail and luxurious fabrics with a typical British sense of quirk forging a combination like no other.


TWELVE AM:PM is the front-runner in defining contemporary fashion for the shopper seeking global fashion with an Indian soul. The brand has redefined "fresh fashion" and launches a new soiree, a new collection every month. What's more - you can't afford to miss not indulging in a design - coz once expired - it never makes a come-back to the shelves. So indulge now !


For some twelve is just a number - others, are just fashionable !

New Delhi




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